Bellamy Cay and Trellis Bay

"Virgin Lady" at anchor at Trellis Bay.

Located in Trellis Bay, a popular anchorage on Beef Island, Bellamy Cay is home to The Last Resort, a restaurant owned by Tony and Jackie Snell who have lived in the islands for 30 years. Jackie ensures that the nightly buffet is beautifully prepared and presented, and Tony entertains guests nightly with his jokes and music (you have to see it to believe it – at one point in the show the island’s pet dogs accompany Tony’s piano playing by howling enthusiastically!). The Last Resort’s truly unique atmosphere guarantees that many faithful customers return year after year.

While in the area, a walk along the shore of Trellis Bay is worthwhile. The bay has a number of unusual stores, including Flukes, which sells local artwork, and Aragorn’s Studio where his original metal work and screen printing make beautiful and unique souvenirs of your trip. If you don’t get as far as the shore, then Aragorn does visit the boats in the bay each day with a selection of his work.